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Featured News

Further update to 'green book' yellow fever chapter

Information about reinforcing doses of yellow fever vaccine has been updated in Immunisation against infectious disease

Updated: 01 March 2024
Take usual precautions

Travelling for Ramadan

Travelling abroad during Ramadan? Careful preparation helps you have a safe and healthy trip

Updated: 20 February 2024
Take usual precautions

‘Getting to grips with vaccine scheduling challenges’ webinar video available

The recording of the vaccine scheduling challenges webinar on 25 January 2024 now added to TravelHealthPro

Updated: 19 February 2024

Updated Japanese encephalitis ‘green book’ chapter published

The Japanese encephalitis chapter in the ‘green book’ (Immunisation against infectious disease) has been updated

Updated: 06 February 2024
Take usual precautions

Dengue: the Caribbean region

An increase in cases of dengue have been reported in the Caribbean region

Updated: 06 February 2024
Take usual precautions