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Yellow fever update

Yellow fever cases continue to be reported in Africa and South America

Updated: 04 Apr 2024
Take usual precautions

Yellow fever pre-vaccination checklist updated

Updates to the pre-vaccination checklist have been made in line with the new 'green book' yellow fever chapter

Updated: 14 Mar 2024
Take usual precautions

Further update to 'green book' yellow fever chapter

Information about reinforcing doses of yellow fever vaccine has been updated in Immunisation against infectious disease

Updated: 01 Mar 2024
Take usual precautions

Updated yellow fever 'green book' chapter published

The yellow fever chapter in the 'green book' (Immunisation against infectious disease) has been updated

Updated: 06 Feb 2024
Take extra precautions

International Certificate of Vaccination or Prophylaxis: new supplier contact details

Updated information on ICVP supply

Updated: 25 Jan 2024
Take usual precautions

New: Yellow Fever Vaccination Centre (YFVC) search locator map

A new search option is now available

Updated: 27 Feb 2023

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