Rabies risk worldwide: practical advice during rabies vaccine shortages

An important reminder of practical aspects of rabies prevention for health professionals and travellers

Updated: 01 December 2023
Take usual precautions

Changes to the Country Information pages: Tick-borne encephalitis

NaTHNaC has reviewed and updated country-specific tick-borne encephalitis information and vaccine recommendations

Updated: 27 October 2023

Polio vaccination recommendations update

Polio vaccination is recommended for some travellers to affected areas based on travel plans and medical history

Updated: 12 May 2023

Before you travel: important reminder about routine United Kingdom (UK) vaccines

Before you travel check all your routine immunisations are up to date

Updated: 03 March 2023
Take usual precautions

New: Yellow Fever Vaccination Centre (YFVC) search locator map

A new search option is now available

Updated: 27 February 2023

Yellow fever vaccination: important new guidance for health professionals

Public Health England has published guidance for health professionals managing clinical incidents or adverse vaccine associated events related to yellow fever vaccination

Updated: 27 January 2020

Vaccines and medicines: availability, supply, shortages and use of unlicensed medicines

Information for health professionals on availability of vaccines and use of unlicensed products

Updated: 17 October 2022

Yellow fever pre-vaccination checklist

A checklist for travellers to be used during the travel health consultation to assist yellow fever vaccine risk assessment

Updated: 05 November 2021

Interrupted vaccination schedules: general principles

Guidance on how to manage interrupted vaccination schedules

Updated: 30 March 2021

Yellow fever vaccine: contraindications and precautions reminder

A reminder for health professionals to use to assist yellow fever vaccine risk assessment

Updated: 16 January 2020

The Green Book

The green book has the latest information on vaccines and vaccination procedures for all the vaccine preventable infectious diseases that may occur in the UK

Updated: 11 April 2015

General immunisation

Immunisation resources for health professionals

Updated: 29 March 2015