Further update to 'green book' yellow fever chapter

Information about reinforcing doses of yellow fever vaccine has been updated in Immunisation against infectious disease
Further update to 'green book' yellow fever chapter

The UK Health Security Agency recently published updated guidance on yellow fever (YF) vaccination in the 'green book' (Immunisation against infectious disease: Yellow fever. Chapter 35). See news item 6 February 2024 for details of the previous updates. Further clarification about when to offer reinforcing YF vaccine doses has since been published.

Advice for health professionals

A single dose of YF vaccine is considered to offer lifelong protection for most travellers. However, there are a small subset of individuals at continued risk who may not have developed long term protection from their initial YF vaccination, for example children vaccinated under the age of 2 years and pregnant women. Details have now been added to the 'green book' chapter to clarify the timing of reinforcing doses for these travellers, should they be at continued risk.

Health professionals are reminded that as part of the pre-travel risk assessment, a YF pre-vaccination checklist should be completed with the traveller to help the healthcare professional risk assess a person's suitability for YF vaccine.

For specific information on the YF risk in individual countries please go to our Country Information pages.

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