Please note that not all cases of disease or outbreaks are reported; some outbreaks may only be reported if they occur outside of the usual recognised risk area or season, or they have been reported in greater than usual numbers. See 'About Outbreaks' tab below for further detail.

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04 December 2023

Influenza A (H1N2)v in the United Kingdom

On 25 November 2023, a human case of swine-origin influenza A(H1N2)v virus infection was confirmed. This is the first swine influenza A(H1N2)v case reported in the United Kingdom.

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30 November 2023

Dengue in Italy

As of 27 November 2023, 82 locally acquired dengue cases have been reported so far in 2023.

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27 November 2023

Respiratory infections in China

Health authorities have reported an increase in respiratory diseases in China. The World Health Organization provided an update on 23 November after discussion with Chinese health authorities. There has been no detection of any unusual or novel pathogens or unusual clinical illness, but only a general increase in respiratory illnesses due to multiple known infections. The situation is being closely monitored.

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15 November 2023

Cholera in Haiti

As of 1 November 2023, a total of 69,992 (4,080 confirmed) cholera cases, with 1,054 deaths and 65,738 hospital admissions, have been reported in Haiti since September 2022.

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10 November 2023

Cholera in Zimbabwe

As of 7 Novemeber 2023, 5,030 suspected cases of cholera and 139 (31 confirmed, 108 suspected) deaths have been reported in 2023. The provinces of Harare and Manicaland have reported most cases.

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10 November 2023
USA + Los Angeles

St Louis Encephalitis in USA

As of 9 November 2023, one case of St Louis Encephalitis (SLEV) has been reported. This is the first documented case of SLEV in Long Beach since 1984.

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03 November 2023

Anthrax in Zambia

As of 1 November 2023 the Zambian Ministry of Health have reported a cumulative 335 cases of anthrax with 4 deaths across the country.

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03 November 2023
USA + California

Dengue in USA

As of 1 November 2023 a case of locally acquired dengue has been reported in Long Beach. This is the second case reported in California, the first was identified in October 2023 in Pasadena. The Health Department is taking steps to prevent further spread of the virus that causes dengue.

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01 November 2023

Zika in France (ex Comoros) - false positive

As of 1 November 2023, the case of Zika virus disease in a traveller returning to France from Comoros, has been confirmed to be a false positive result. Comoros remains a location without confirmed Zika virus.

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27 October 2023
Zimbabwe + Harare

cVDPV2 in Zimbabwe

As of 25 October 2023, four environmental samples of cVDPV2 have been reported in Harare.

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