Malaria-free certification: Cape Verde (Cabo Verde)

The World Health Organization has granted certification of malaria elimination
Malaria-free certification: Cape Verde (Cabo Verde)

On 12 January 2024, the World Health Organization (WHO) certified Cape Verde (Cabo Verde) as malaria-free [1]. Cape Verde is an archipelago of ten islands in the Central Atlantic Ocean. Since the last peak of malaria cases in the late 1980s, malaria in Cape Verde has been confined to two islands: Santiago and Boa Vista, which have now both been malaria-free since 2017 [1]. A total of 43 countries and 1 territory globally have now achieved malaria-free status [1].

A country can apply to the WHO for certification once criteria are met; countries must prove that nationwide, local transmission of all types of human malaria parasites have been interrupted for at least the past three consecutive years. Countries are also required to show they have a fully functional surveillance and response system in place to prevent re-establishment of local transmission [2].

The Country Information page for Cape Verde has been updated to reflect that malaria is no longer a risk in this country.

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